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  • 33,02 €

    ¿Cuántas veces pasa que después de un gran efecto, tras el cual esperas un fuerte aplauso, eso no sucede, el público se queda simplemente sorprendido pero

    33,02 €
  • 15,29 €

    Mentalist distributes some small slips to different spectators and request them to write the name of a famus personality. After writing they are requested to fold the slips.Now he introduces a can with a hole on the cover. He lifts the cover and shows inside of the can to be empty. He puts the cover and requests the spectators to drop the folded papers...

    15,29 €
  • 47,52 €

    The magician shows two empty tubes. He then magically produces many silks and three colored bottles from them. Finally he pours some liquid from one of the bottle into a glass, and toasts to the audience. • The silks and the glass are not included.• Simple to do with great impact on any kind of audience.• The metal tubes are cm 26.8 (10,55”) and cm 28.5...

    47,52 €
  • 23,10 €

    This is a utility item with which you can produce or vanish water or any other liquid. Here are some possible effects.   EFFECT 1 – A glass of water is poured into the Foo Can. A comedy funnel is held against an ear of a child. The water from the Foo Can is poured into the child’s other ear. The water comes out from the ear through the funnel.   EFFECT 2...

    23,10 €
  • 23,88 €

    The magician shows a colorful die. He puts it inside a box shown empty and, in an instant, the die disappears and in its place the box will be full of colored silks.   • Suitable for any kind of audience. • Very simple to do and of great impact. • Made of plastic, PVC, the box measures 16.5 cm (6,49”) x 10 (2,93”) x 7.7 (3,03”). The cube measures 6.2 cm 6...

    23,88 €
  • 145,04 €

    Show a see-through crystal box. When you open the drawer, the drawer suddenly catches fire! To put the fire out, close the drawer. Now the box is magically filled with objects (e.g., bills of various denominations). You've gotten the audience's attention twice! But that's not all! Open the drawer and remove the objects. The box is entirely empty once...

    145,04 €
  • 9,30 €

    A lucky spectator is given the chance to win a dream shopping trip in America. You display "store cards" from four big stores. To win, the spectator must guess how much the total credit limit is. They also name the store they would like to shop in first, should they win. When you add up the total credit limit it is the amount the person chose! Not only...

    9,30 €
  • 20,62 €

    Are you tired of card tricks that all look alike? Here is an effect that will not fail to surprise your spectators, even the most skeptical. The deck is removed from the box. Cards are shuffled several times. A card is selected. Astonishingly, a filled shot glass appears out of nowhere on top of the deck! You then drink the liquid out of the glass....

    20,62 €
  • 33,02 €

    The basic effect is as follows: A paper bag is shown empty. The magician reaches inside and pulls out a clear box full of bills. The bag is again shown empty and another money box is produced. This is repeated producing a third money box. The bag is given a shake and it is suddenly full of bills! Includes special bag, 3 money boxes, spring bills and...

    33,02 €
  • 8,26 €

    You drink your favorite soda in a cup, and at will, the straw goes through the cup.From the book's introduction: The idea of this trick came to me in a fast food restaurant: I finished my soft drink by playing with my paper cup and I wondered what kind of trick I could do with it... Tapping on my straw while I was thinking about it gave me the idea: the...

    8,26 €
  • 9,92 €
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    Bolsa y Huevo Uday (Con Cremallera) El mago exhibe un bolso negro vacío de terciopelo, luego introduce la mano dentro y produce un huevo! ¡El huevo se devuelve adentro para volver a desaparecer otra vez! El mago abre la cremallera del fondo del bolso, y pasa la mano directamente a través a fin de demostrar que no hay nada más ahí dentro. Él cierra la...

    9,92 €
  • 7,02 €

    A newspaper is opened and shown to the audience. The magician folds the newspaper and proceeds to pour a glass of water into it. Then the newspaper is unfolded and opened and even turned upside down. The water has apparently vanished into thin air. The magician refolds the newspaper, picks up the glass and magically causes the water to reappear from the...

    7,02 €
  • 27,23 €

    The Magician shows an Envelope, inside it, one card with blue back, his prediction. Now the Magician takes a deck of cards with a red back, and the spectator chooses one, absolutely NO FORCE! The Magician invites the spectator to sign the card's face. The spectator returns the card, and the deck is then shuffled.   Now the deck is on the table, the...

    27,23 €
  • 2,53 €

    El mago muestra un platillo metálico y coloca una moneda de 2 € sobre él. Entonces, coloca un vaso sólido transparente boca abajo sobre ella. A continuación, coge una moneda de 5 céntimos y golpea con ella el fondo del vaso. El público ve la moneda atravesar el fondo del vaso, que acaba en el platillo junto a la de 2 €. Un efecto maravilloso. • Un juego...

    2,53 €
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