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Corachange by dan alex - video download



Corachange by dan alex - video download Ver más grande
Corachange by dan alex - video download


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"I've seen the performance of corachange and I like it very much. I am sure it wil be a good addition to other color changes performed at the same table."
- Federico Soldati

A new and amazing trick designed by the sick mind of Dan Alex.

The magician presents to their audience a normal shirt with black buttons.
He shows the button really stuck to it, passing his hand multiple times on the black button, and a third time the button clearly changes color from black to deep red.

What can I say?
The method is fantastic and clean, hands will be shown empty before and after the performance;
Material cheap and easy to find.
No thread, no sleeves, no magnets, Set-up ready in 5 minutes.
Is a nice opening for your live show!

What are you waiting for?
Buy this amazing effect that will surely give you a good fame!
A great reputation for a small cost!

That's the beauty of Corachange!



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Corachange by dan alex - video download

Corachange by dan alex - video download

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