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Salvation by abdullah mahmoud - video download



Salvation by abdullah mahmoud - video download Ver más grande
Salvation by abdullah mahmoud - video download


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Salvation is a collection of 6 visual and deceptive effects which will fool magicians.

1. Choice : A card is selected then lost in the middle with no breaks or creases, you cut the deck and ask the spectator to choose a pack, then you do it again, with a shake all the cards become blank with another shake all the cards change their pack except for one... the chosen card.

2. U.C.T.W : This card to wallet is the most convincing card to wallet out there. No duplicate, No force, the card can be signed

3. Faint Change : It's very visual and deceptive card change.

4. Blind : Is a mentalism effect with multiple routines. Imagine being able to know any chosen card without looking at the deck. No force, No gimmicks, the cards are borrowed, you can do it with a blindfold.

5. Blankful : You give the cards to the spectator for examination, you take the cards back and visually make all the cards become blank.

6. Ghost Card : A chosen signed card vanishes like a ghost and become a blank card.

Over 19 minutes of detailed instructions. 


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Edad mínima 14 años
Edad Máxima 99 años

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Salvation by abdullah mahmoud - video download

Salvation by abdullah mahmoud - video download

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