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Mental hit por erez moshe



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Mental hit por erez moshe


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Ficha técnica

Edad mínima 14 años
Edad Máxima 99 años


The magician presents a CD insert which contains different pictures and song titles from pop artists. A volunteer is invited on stage and asked to choose one of the pop performers, and to think of one of the artist's hits. The magician then instructs the volunteer to remove a CD from a prediction envelope, which has been in full view throughout the performance, and insert it into a CD player and press play. To his surprise, the song played is the exact same hit by the exact same artist. The CD may now be given away as a souvenir!

Mental hit comes complete with everything needed to perform (supply your own regular CD player), and is perfect for corporate shows, company parties, and is considered strong enough to finish your show with one heck of a mental BANG!


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Mental hit por erez moshe

Mental hit por erez moshe

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